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I founded Beej Learning in 2022 to bring together my passion for education, design, and culturally-conscious parenting. Parenting in a multi-cultural space can be a challenging experience, but also one latent with opportunities. I want my children to grow up to be comfortable and attuned to their native as well as local cultures--be at home in India and in the US. With this aim in mind, I decided to create content such as toys, books, games, and podcasts to enhance linguistic and cultural competency. This is a work in progress as I continue to research, test, develop, and manufacture educational content for Beej Learning.  As I continue to develop my products, I draw from my experience researching the design processes of learning materials in non-traditional educational settings. My doctoral research and my design education help me develop products that are visually attractive and attuned to children's' learning needs. 

I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Ph.D. in art education,

with a minor in curriculum and instruction in 2017. I completed my M.A. in graphic design from the

Savannah College of Art and Design, and B.F.A. in applied art from Rachana Sansad College, Mumbai, India.

I worked as a graphic designer in Japan and India after completing my undergraduate studies.

My interest in design in the specific context of children and education propelled my graduate studies.

Apart from my work as a founder at Beej Learning, and my academic engagements, my joy is my children who inspire me every single day to be a better human and educator. 

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